Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Will Auto-Tune Ever Die? The Rapper Jay-Z Hopes So

Auto-tune is a pitch correction device to make the worst voices sound like the next big thing. Many people didnt know about auto-tune until the R&B singer "T-pain" started using it in most of his hit songs. Later on many singers and rappers jumped on the bandwagon including Lil Wayne,Kanye West,and Snoop dogg. Tho auto-tune may be at it's peak theres allways some one trying to crash it down. Jay-z's new single D.O.A(Death of Auto-tune) is trying to push this pitch shifter 6ft under. To me music is music, wheither it's music with auto-tune or without. So fans will auto-tune stay? or go? only time will tell! (To hear D.O.A(The Death Of Auto-tune) Click The Link At The Bottom)

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