Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Promo for my music page?..HELL YEAH LMAO

www.myspace.com/musicbybigeHey everybody!..if you didnt know i made music now you do. I rap/sing, and ive been doing this for a while now. Its what i do day to day and what i want this to be for the rest of my life. But remember im still young at the age of fifteen. But i got talent not to brag. So please check out my music page!!! there will be a link so click it and get with it!

Drake and nicki minaj?

Now i know miss Nicki minaj is fine and most guys could agree on that. But does drake?
i mean its so crystal clear that he has had his eyes on her since day one. But does nicki want to show the love back? she claims to be a lesbian but she only would actually go for Wayne. But its obvious she has many more people in mind. But in my opinion she should go far drake. Well this was the scoop with that situation. Comment!! i want to hear your thoughts! pce people, love

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

louis vuitton and kanye west have collaborated on a new shoe!

Kanye West has allways had a nag for wearing Louis Vuitton but now he has a chance to make his own shoe with them. If you didnt get a chance to cop his first shoe with Nike the "Air Yeezys" this is a good chance to try to step your shoe game up. But staying fresh isn't allways cheap. All shoes in this line run up to $800-to-$1100. Well this was the latest scoup on Kanyes Louis Vuitton drop thanks for reading pce!!!
The Louis Vuitton Jaspers

The Louis Vuitton Jaspers

The Louis Vuitton Jaspers

The Louis Vuitton Jaspers

The Louis Vuitton Mr.Hudson's

The Louis Vuitton Don's

The Louis Vuitton Don's

The Louis Vuitton Don's

The Louis Vuitton Don's

Remembering Micheal jackson (1958-2009)

Nasa will allways have men landing on the moon but only one man could walk on it and that man is Micheal Jackson. Micheal has had a very long music carrer starting back in the 70's. His life has allways revoled around music and he deserves to rest in peace. Love goes out to his family and kids.

Will Auto-Tune Ever Die? The Rapper Jay-Z Hopes So

Auto-tune is a pitch correction device to make the worst voices sound like the next big thing. Many people didnt know about auto-tune until the R&B singer "T-pain" started using it in most of his hit songs. Later on many singers and rappers jumped on the bandwagon including Lil Wayne,Kanye West,and Snoop dogg. Tho auto-tune may be at it's peak theres allways some one trying to crash it down. Jay-z's new single D.O.A(Death of Auto-tune) is trying to push this pitch shifter 6ft under. To me music is music, wheither it's music with auto-tune or without. So fans will auto-tune stay? or go? only time will tell! (To hear D.O.A(The Death Of Auto-tune) Click The Link At The Bottom)

The New Limited Edition G-shock! A must have for everyday fashion!

The new In4mation x G-Shock has arrived! this must have watch is a need for you fashion freaks! The release date for this style-ish watch is not certain but it will be set to the streets in November! so be on the look out.

Also a lil sneaky special effect comes with this fly watch as well, when you hit the light the G-shock screen reads "Aloha" well this has been The Secret Trend setter and im checking off again PCE!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Will rapper Drake become bigger then Wayne?

Drake has become a well known addition to the rap game. He has grown to gain many fans in his slowly rising success in the game. His "So Far Gone" mix tape has took the world by storm with repeating hits "Successful" (feat. Trey Songz and Lil Wayne) and ""Best I Ever Had". Is Drakes fame soon to top Wayne's? . It's protege vs master and the young student Drake is getting taught the basics.